The Language of Light

Professional lighting designers have a secret language.  We use our coded language to streamline our conversations with other insiders, and like a secret handshake that lets us identify other members of our inner circle. Outside of that circle, the language is utter nonsense. “I would love to find an LED with a 3000K-1600K variable CCT... Continue Reading →


Imagine what would happen if the sun suddenly disappeared. We’d lose our source of heat and our daily dose of light.  Our food system would collapse- without the sun there are no plants, without plants there are no animals, and without plants and animals there is no food.  Light is that essential. But our dependence... Continue Reading →

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The Language of Light blog is new as of January 2018 and focused on helping you get the most out of light, especially at home.  I have numerous related posts live on my professional blog, including project updates, lighting theories, and learning topics.  Some of those posts will eventually find their way here, refreshed and updated.... Continue Reading →

In the beginning…

"Let there be light." Scientists and biblical scholars agree on at least one thing: in the beginning, it was dark.  Then something happened, a spark, a nudge.  In the blink of an eye, a cosmic explosion of unequalled magnitude filled the universe with light. Why start a blog about light?  And specifically the language of... Continue Reading →

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