THINK LIGHT: Light + Justice

Of all the moments of discovery, connection, and understanding provided at LightFair this year, none stirred my emotions or challenged my thinking as deeply as the fifty minutes allotted to the Light + Justice conference session. Led by Edward Bartholomew, Mark Loeffler, and Lya S. Osborn, the presentation shook up my thinking and clarified my focus.... Continue Reading →

DON’T/DO THIS: Primary Bedrooms (Traditional)

One of my writing goals is to simplify the scientific and technical aspects of light into actionable advice, and the Don’t/Do This series is perhaps the most aligned with this purpose. The intent is to provide a simple list of strategies to utilize in a home, space by space, alongside pitfalls to avoid. Sounds easy, right? Working... Continue Reading →

EXPOSURE: Light Readings Against Humanity

The fifth article in my series exploring the past, present, and future of lighting at home has just been published in Designing Lighting magazine. Too often, point-by-point lighting calculations, sometimes called heat maps, are used to justify a lighting proposal of recessed downlights. This is the same method used for gas station canopies, but homeowners... Continue Reading →

Finding the Gift #4: Light as a Tool

Throughout high school and much of my undergraduate education, light was a toy to me. I loved lighting musicals and concerts and adding to the lighting rig of my DJ business. I thought of lighting as a hobby, merely something I did in my free time, and not as a career. Sometime in my junior... Continue Reading →

Light Can Help Us #6: Do Better

Recently our team delivered a continuing education webinar on layers of light for residential and hospitality spaces, a session I have led many times.  Each time I revisit the material and update the presentation based on what I have learned since the previous outing. While preparing for this latest offering, I made a new mental connection... Continue Reading →

DON’T/DO THIS: Front Porches

A few years ago I wrote a post on the do’s and don’ts of front porch lighting. So why do it again? Because I never stop learning about light, and that means every few years I might make different recommendations. That is certainly true outdoors as I learn more about the negative effects of light at night (LAN).  This... Continue Reading →

Finding the Gift #3: Light as a Toy

It does not take long for someone like me to second-guess a blog series. About two posts, apparently. This, my third post in an auto-biographical series exploring my personal and professional journey in light, comes with the same doubt as each of the previous. Why would anyone want to read about my life? But perhaps... Continue Reading →


My desire to revisit the do’s and don’ts of lighting is going to kill me, but I am having too much fun to stop. These posts take the longest to create of any I have previously written, but sketching is so relaxing that I look forward to the next one. So here it is, the... Continue Reading →

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