A Brighter Black Friday

Lighting Design never goes on sale.

Or does it?

Black Friday sales flyers have been filling my inbox and mailbox for days.  Later this week millions will push back from the Thanksgiving table and rush to the stores to pick up doorbuster deals.  We will buy Christmas gifts for family and friends and big screen televisions for ourselves.  In the past 44 years I’ve really only experienced Black Friday once.  It was crazy.

Black Friday in America can be deadly.  For many, however, this may be their only chance to purchase items that would ordinarily be out of reach.

Lighting Design is ordinarily out of reach for most of us.  Take myself, for instance.  I cannot afford to hire a lighting designer, and I AM a lighting designer.  To visit my home, talk through the project with me, prepare and deliver design presentations, research and share fixture possibilities, write specifications and draft details, a lighting designer might easily charge me $15,000 or more.

In other words, Lighting Design is typically reserved for a very narrow segment of our society.  If you are one of my multi-million-dollar clients, please do not misunderstand.  I love lighting your homes: you allow me the creative potential to create truly amazing spaces.  You are great people, too, who happen to have financial wealth that enables you to shape your home to fit you perfectly, like tailored clothing.  Keep hiring lighting designers- your homes are the showcases on our websites and the frontiers of our profession.  Someone has to go first.

For years I have wondered how to extend proverbial Black Friday sales to Lighting Design.  The problem has always been that if I deeply discount my services, I go into debt.  There just isn’t enough overhead in my business for deep discounts.

Big screen televisions are more affordable than ever.  Why?  Because of economies of scale and advancing technologies.  It is very expensive to build one television, but if you build a million televisions you can make them for less.  Advancing technologies can mean improvements in quality and manufacturing techniques that further reduce the costs.  Black Friday becomes possible.

Light Can Help.001

I think- I hope- I have finally figured out how to extend Black Friday to Lighting Design.

I think- I hope- I have finally figured out how to move the decimal point on Lighting Design.

My full bespoke-level lighting design services do not disappear- they are still available.  But added to the lineup are two new services: Accelerated Custom and Essential Consulting.

In Black Friday television terms, you now have a choice between the Curved Ultra HD 6K HDR 3D top of the line television, the Ultra HD 4K HDR television, and the HD 4K television.  All of them are better than my TV.

If you want a sneak peak of what this means, check out the beta website lightcanhelpyou.com.  I still have a lot of work to do to get this going, but the Black Friday deals are already available.  Why wait until midnight Thursday?

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  1. Amazing! A bug in the website (I know it is still in beta, but I thought you might not catch it), is that when you learn more about a service, it scrolls through the steps automatically- and to quickly for me, a very fast reader, to finish reading them. I love the post!

    J. Warfel jpwarfel@gmail.com ————————————— WarfelWorks Studios warfelworksstudios.com



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