Less is…less.

BedroomSketch“Do we really need all those lights?”

If you ask me to help lay out lighting for your living room (or kitchen, or bedroom, or bathroom…), the probability of me increasing the quantity of light fixtures is about a million to one.

Increasing the quantity of lights does not mean there will be more light, it just means there will be all the right kinds of light in the right places.  Picture a bedroom with only a ceiling fan for light.  Bedroom_1Doesn’t that look relaxing?  This is advanced CFLS.  Let’s bring in a lighting designer.

Bedroom_2I simply added two bedside lamps and an accent lamp on a dresser.  Sure, I added three lamps, but I used the same number of bulbs as the ceiling fan. Of course, I think the room also needs some recessed lights to highlight art (light for feeling and story) and perhaps an indirect cove to introduce a little more light for knowing.

You see what I mean?  I will almost always suggest more. It is hard to get all five promises out of light from a single source.  Red Velvet lighting takes layers.

“Yeah…but do we really need all those lights?”

Okay, I can see I have failed to convince you.   Let me try another tactic.

0Here’s a nice place to host a party.   See the beautiful crown molding?

1You probably don’t need the light on the crown molding.  Speaking of luxuries, is that light under the bar top really necessary?

2Nah. We can save money by taking it out.   And those pendants do almost nothing to light the countertop or the room….

3So let’s turn them off.  Wait, do I see lights inside the cabinets?  Seriously?

4Glad we took those out.  Looks like the only “extra” left is the under cabinet light.

5Ah, this is a room lit with just recessed downlights.  Much easier to install.

You’re right, you don’t need all those other lights.


(Unless you want to see better, know better, feel better, adapt better, and tell a better story.  Unless you want more out of the gift.)

4 thoughts on “Less is…less.

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  1. Mr. Warfel, thank you for the very informative article. Can you tell me how the crown molding is lit? I’ve been staring at the pictures but just can’t figure it out. Thank you, Terese

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Terese, I developed a detail that is essentially an extra piece of molding that hides LED tape light at the bottom of the crown. Let me see how I can post an image….


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