Sharing the Gift

IMG_0714It is late at night- too late- and I am weary from a solid stretch of too much work and not enough rest.  It feels too familiar.

When I am this tired, I tend to ruminate on my purpose in the world.  Recently, I have come to believe that my purpose in my professional life is to share the gift of light with anyone in the darkness- anyone who doesn’t know the gift or who cannot afford an expensive lighting consultant (like me).

But how do I accomplish this lofty goal?  That is where my mind wanders as I sit on another job site, far from my family and hours from bedtime despite midnight being only minutes away.

I have ideas, of course.  This blog is one of them- I’ll share my thoughts on lighting here and make them available to anyone and everyone.  Need to know how to place downlights?  Check.  Looking for advice on lighting a kitchen?  Check.

I am also trying my hand at writing articles, and I have a good portion of a book written that needs a publisher.   I teach seminars and continuing education classes whenever I can, which is not particularly often right now.

I daydream about filming a television show where I help people improve the lighting in their homes.  All I need to make that happen is…money and time, of course.

So what is the point of this blog post?  Most of the time, I am dishing out advice.  This time, I am asking for it.

I need help.  How can I live out my purpose?  How can I share the gift of light with you?   How can I share the gift of light with others?  If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them.

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