Endgame: Lighting Designers vs Interior Designers

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“But we already have an interior designer who is helping us with lighting.  Why should we hire a lighting designer?”

Here’s the answer: Lighting Designers are lighting designers and Interior Designers are…interior designers.  Make sense?

Okay, let’s put it another way: Interior Designers craft and coordinate the entire look of a home.  Lighting Designers make sure that look is still awesome after dark by layering in discreet swaths of illumination.  Interior Designers help the homeowner choose beautiful chandeliers.  Lighting Designers add in lighting to help the chandelier look as good as it did in the photo or showroom.

But don’t take my word for it.  I met up with interior designer Chris Kramer at his showroom and asked him the question.  Check out our video on Youtube.





2 thoughts on “Endgame: Lighting Designers vs Interior Designers

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  1. I think the net of it is that the lighting designer provides the function and the interior designer provides the form. When both parties hit the sweet spot you get brilliance. (pun intended)


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