My job title is “Chief Evangelist of Light.”

What, exactly, is a CEL? It means my job is to share the gift of light with as many people as I can. At isn’t just a job, it is my professional mission. I am passionate about it, I preach it. That’s why I borrowed religious terminology for my non-religious career. (I also personally believe that the gift of light was the first gift of God’s Creation, a Big Bang of celestial proportions that still nourishes our planet and our souls millions of years later, but I mostly keep the religious side to myself).

Serving as the Chief Evangelist of Light means I get myself into the media now and again, and it’s been a crazy few months in that regard. I’ve written a few magazine articles, delivered live webinars, spoken at industry events, and been interviewed by industry media. I enjoy talking and writing about light immensely, but it does feel a little ME-centric sometimes and I feel self-conscious. I don’t think I am more special than anyone else, more deserving of your attention. I just do it because I was made to help others, and light happens to be my strong suit.

Still, even after being featured in way too many magazines and even more online sources, I confess that I enjoy seeing my name in print. It’s a little ego boost that feels good, like getting a “Like” on Facebook. Too bad I can’t seem to find the extended release version, because it fades pretty quickly!

Here’s a round-up of a few recent features, some of which can be viewed online:

TECHNOLOGY DESIGNER: THE NEW LINEUP MAGAZINE ARTICLE: Read my manifesto on linear lighting aimed at architects and designers.

CEDIA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE TECH TALK: THE POWER OF LIGHT: You’ll need to register for the conference to access this panel discussion that will be available for viewing through the end of 2020.

CEDIA VIRTUAL CONFERENCE TECH TALK: CLASH OF THE ILLUMINATORS: You’ll need to register for the conference to access this panel discussion that will be available for viewing through the end of 2020.

PRESENTATION WITH DMF: THE NINE DEADLY SINS OF LIGHTING LAYOUT: A quick hit of some of the worst lighting layout mistakes out there, but so common even I have them in my house. This video might just become a blog post. And I’ve just signed up to create the Seven Saintly Solutions for DMF, so stay tuned.

CEPRO CEDIA REVIEW OF THE NINE DEADLY SINS PRESENTATION: I am grateful to CEPRO for the great mention of the presentation!

AIA CONTINUING EDUCATION: LAYERS OF LIGHT FOR RESIDENTIAL AND HOSPITALITY PROJECTS: Delivered live online on behalf of a favorite integrator in the St. Louis area, this is a call to action for better lighting.

AIA & IDCEC CONTINUING EDUCATION: LIGHT & HEALTH: Delivered live online for the same integrator, this is a summary of the science, data, and snake oil found in the light and health conversation.

INTERVIEW: CONNECTED DESIGN INSIDER TALK ON FACEBOOK LIVE: If you’re on Facebook you can watch this interview. Connected Design was a fun group and I very much enjoyed this one.

Whew. Maybe my job title should be “Chief Televangelist of Light.” Nah, too many negative connotations with that one….

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