Seven Saintly Solutions

Seven Saintly Solutions, Presented by David Warfel from DMF Lighting on Vimeo.

One of the perks of starting your own company is that you get to pick your job title. At some point I decided that “Chief Evangelist of Light” (CEL) would be my own.

Evangelist is a term that can have positive and negative connotations in our society, and that makes CEL of risky title. I still use it because it allows me to explain what I do:

I share the gift of light with others through every avenue possible: design, writing, speaking, and more.

Sometimes I get the opportunity to share my passion – my message, if you will – with audiences through recorded webinar or presentation. DMF Lighting, a company I admire for their strong engineering and dedication to clean design and refreshing simplicity, invited me to share a followup to the Nine Deadly Sins presentation. I titled it Seven Saintly Solutions, and you can watch it above.

Seven Saintly Solutions? Yes, I wrote that with my tongue in my cheek. But I also believe that light is the first gift of the universe and that it can help us all live our best lives.

And that gets me back on my soapbox, again and again.

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