BS* + Beer Show

*BS = Building Science

When Green Building Advisor and Fine Homebuilding friends asked me to join an episode of the BS* + beer show, I was honored and a little scared. Why? Because builders and lighting designers do not always get along. In retrospect, I need not have feared.

BS* + Beer is a weekly show for builders who seek to do better. For many builders, “better” is too closely associated with “faster and cheaper.” But the audience of this show- while of course wanting to deliver on time and on budget- is more concerned about doing it right.

And that’s where lighting designers come in. Builders and lighting designers need to work together to provide a better living experience for homeowners and clients. If we work against each other, budget surprises will be painful, delays in the construction schedule will be costly, and we run the risk of walking away from the project with hard feelings. Even if the house looks terrific.

Check out the video below. Fair warning- it’s a 90-minute show. It’s not all about me, fortunately, and after a quick introductory slide show we get to the heart of the show: unscripted dialogue between professionals and answering audience questions.

The show was great fun and the conversation so engaging that I was invited back for a second round. As they say on television…stay tuned!

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