EXPOSURE: The Pretty Good House

What makes a pretty good house?

My first exposure to the Taunton Press was as an avid reader of Sarah Susanka’s The Not So Big House books. Taunton is also responsible for Fine Homebuilding (to which I subscribe and for whom I have written) and Fine Woodworking, among others. Now Taunton has published a new book that could change the way homes are built.

I met several of the authors of Pretty Good House when I was a guest on the BS + Beer show (that stands for Building Science, or so I’m told) awhile back. The ideas in the book come from a group of people focused on building better homes and making the science, technology, and benefits available to a wider audience.

My contribution to the book was quite small, but still an honor to be included. You’ll have to dig deep to find the two sidebars with my suggestions for lighting a Pretty Good House- I even missed one on my first flip through the book! The book is not about lighting, but it was still good to stretch my sketching muscles and boil lighting down to three pretty good rules.

I don’t get any royalties, so when I encourage you to pick up a copy if you are building a home (as a homeowner or a builder), you can know I’m not in it for the money. 😉

View the BS + Beer launch party for the book HERE.

View my BS + Beer appearances HERE and HERE.

Click HERE to view the book on the Taunton store.

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